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Внимание! Доступно бронирование билетов на даты: 20.08.2022, 22.08.2022, 27.08.2022, 29.08.2022. Количество мест ограничено!


Акция! При оплате билетов с сайта, стоимость поездки в Хельсинки до центра и из Хельсинки из центра составит всего 895 руб.


Акция! Только 8.03.2019 в 23:00 и 9.03.2019 в 7:00 Стоимость поездки в Хельсинки составит всего 800 руб.


We stop in Duty-Free (on the way to Helsinki) and Disas Fish (in both directions) at the request of the guide!


Attention! New prices avalible in our booking system.


Attention! Who does not pay for tickets to the New Year holidays until December 15, ask about availability of the operator.


Attention! All reserved tickets for the date 12/28/2015 to 01/10/2016 on must be paid before 15 December.


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Minibus to Helsinki, St. Petersburg - Helsinki:


Departure from Oktyabrskaya Hotel (Metro Area Rebellion). Price: 1000 rubles for the morning bus (departure at 7:00), night bus (departure 21:00) and late evening bus (departure at 23:00). Price valid for conveying to the center of Helsinki. In conveying to address, airport, ferry trip price: 1200 rubles.


Minibus from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg, Helsinki - Saint Petersburg:


Departure from KAMPPI subway to the metro area of ​​the Rebellion, on arrival conveying to the center of St. Petersburg. Price: 1000 rubles for the morning bus (departure at 11:00 Finnish time), 1000 rubles per day bus (departure at 15:00 Finnish time) and 1000 rubles for the evening bus (departure at 20:00 Finnish time). Price valid for conveying to the center of St. Petersburg (October Hotel). Buses arrive at the area of ​​the Rebellion.


Minibus in Lappeenranta, St. Petersburg - Lappeenranta - Saint Petersburg (Duty Free, shopping tour):


Departure from Oktyabrskaya Hotel (Metro Area Rebellion). The price of the ticket in both parties. One-way ticket Saint Petersburg Lappeenranta - 1400 rubles, Lappeenranta, St. Petersburg - 1400 rubles.

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* Prices for holiday dates may differ from those online. Check with the operator.
** Возврат в праздничные и выходные дни (менее чем за 48 часов) - не осуществляется. В остальное время возврат возможен с удержанием комиссии в 300 руб. с билета.
*** Задержка отправления возможна не больше, чем на 15 минут.