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Attractions Helsinki, Finland Sights

Sights and attractions Helsinki Finland as a whole diverse, unique and interesting. Every trip to this beautiful country of lakes and its capital will be able to find something to your liking. Let's say we go with you on a minibus in Helsinki now Scandinavia. Which Helsinki sights and attractions of Finland are worthy of your


Let's start with such Helsinki attractions, about which little is said, and who is not so well known and popular among Russian tourists. Firstly, in the city a lot of interesting and unusual museums. Helsinki City Museum will immerse you into the fascinating history of the city, and it offers visitors free admission, but that's not all - the museum has several branches, including two summer museum - House Burger and Powerhouse Museum, which opened its doors only in high tourist season. Also worth visiting is the Museum of Modern Art, where the fashion show, and going to the Finnish bohemians.


Among the attractions of Helsinki is to provide a separate art space - cultural factory Korjaamo. It is close to the city center, in the old tram depot. Korjaamo - a complex consisting of galleries, concert and theater halls, shops, cafes and bars, as well as the tram museum. In addition, the attractions of Helsinki can be distinguished House of Music - a musical and cultural center, as well as the Finnish National Opera and other great theaters - the Finnish National Theatre, Savoy, Alexander and puppet theater - a visit which diversifies your trip will allow you to cultural development and to meet closer to the cultural life of the capital.


Sights Helsinki - it is not only museums and theaters. This famous monuments, churches and cathedrals. All who come to Helsinki, be sure to visit the Cathedral of the Lutheran Church at the Senate Square and the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, the church Temppeliaukio, carved into the rock, an unusual monument to the great Finnish composer - Sibelius and, of course, the largest in Northern Europe Siren water park. Senate Square - is the main area of ​​the northern capital and one of the main attractions of Helsinki. In addition to the Cathedral in this square are located the oldest University, the Senate building, a monument to Russian Emperor Alexander II, who used to be back in 1963 gave Finland a constitution and with it autonomy. Attractions Helsinki - it is always interesting and exciting.


In addition to the inspection of Helsinki attractions we advise you to go on a boat trip - from the Market Square depart cruise ships during the summer season (May to September), with frequent flights to the fortress of Suomenlinna and the zoo on the island Korkesaari or the city of Porvoo.         Important landmark Helsinki - this amusement park "Linnanmäki". Here, fans can enjoy 30 different attractions from calm carousels to spectacular roller coasters, a dead loop and Panic Room.


Many of the tourists who come to the capital of Suomi, especially if they are traveling with children, be sure to go to the water park Serena. It is the largest water park in Europe, it is located in the city of Espoo and is open all year round.


We have examined the main attractions of Helsinki. Let's see the main attractions of Finland as a whole. Firstly, in the winter, especially before the new year we need to go to the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi. The trip will be truly magical for children, because there can be at any time to meet with Santa Claus and his elves.


Things to Finland - is, first of all, interesting activities for children. In addition to Santa's Village, your children will be delighted by the valley mummy trolls. It is located in the town of Naantali, 15 km from Turku. There you vai and children can immerse themselves in a magical fairy-tale world Tove Jansson.


An interesting attraction is a Finnish Arctic zoo Ranua. There is naturally home to over 60 species of arctic wildlife. And in the city of Turku (about 2 hours drive from the capital of Finland) majestic castle, which has witnessed many historical events of the country. The castle is located historical museum of the city, but the most interesting place to visit is the prison Erika (XIV century). Attractions in Finland - is a great family-friendly version.


so, we are seeing the sights and attractions of Helsinki in Finland. Travel to Finland Scandinavia and now you can see with your own eyes!     

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