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Rules crossing the Finnish border, customs laws of Finland

The rules of the Finnish border crossing is necessary to know every person who is planning his puteestvie in Finland. Finnish Customs laws apply from 1 July 2009 in accordance with established customs regulations throughout the European Union. How much money you can take with you into Finland? How much alcohol can be imported, how many cigarettes, perfume and other products? What is forbidden to take into the country Suomi? Answers to all these questions you need to know exactly every traveler, if you do not want to have had no trouble at the entrance to this beautiful country.


First, the customs laws of Finland shall apply to the import of money. How much money are allowed to carry without a declaration? According to the regulations of the European Union at the entrance and exit of the Finnish customs declaration shall be the cash of 10 000 euro (in this case, under the cash and traveler's checks are meant). It is also necessary to pass the procedure of customs declaration, if you import / export of stocks and bonds in the amount of more than 10 000 euros. It is important to remember that credit cards do not need to be declared. Declaration must be filled before customs clearance, and then give it to the customs officer. If during the inspection detect undeclared funds, they will be confiscated, and certain sanctions can be applied to the violator of the rules. That is why you need to know in detail the rules of crossing the Finnish border.


Also, the rules of crossing the Finnish border and customs laws of Finland apply alcohol while than it is with this paragraph is most of the problems of all travelers from Russia. Everyone needs to remember that in Finland allowed to take alcohol only to persons older than 18 years (and spirits - more than 22% - for persons older than 20 years). In this case, an important condition for the import of alcohol is the length of stay in Finland - trip should not be less than three days (at least 72 hours). Limit alcoholic beverages import volume depends on their fortress. Strong drinks (over 22%) can be brought up to 1 liter. Customs laws allow Finland to import no more than 2 l. sparkling wines, not more than 2 liters. aperitifs. It listed every traveler can add beer (no more than 16 l.) And rather weak wine (2 liters). If you want to enter a wine, it can take 4 liters. Also do not forget that alcoholic drinks (in cans) equal to distilled spirits. Please, before you go do not forget to carefully examine the customs laws of Finland and the Finnish border crossing rules, especially if you intend to take with alcoholic beverages!


The rules of crossing the Finnish border also need to know if you are going with him to seize the tobacco products. Tobacco products can carry a person over 17 years, while their number is also valid for a limited system of 50 cigarettes (one pack or packs of 10), 50 cigars.


The customs laws of Finland shall also apply to the import of perfume, coffee and tea. Each traveler can take a maximum of 50 ml of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette. As for the tea, any traveler crossing the border with Finland, is entitled to take a maximum of 200 grams. tea or 40 grams. tea extract. Almost the same rules apply on the coffee: 500 gr. coffee or 200 grams. coffee extract.


We recommend that you carefully read before traveling to the Finnish border crossing rules. Knowledge of customs laws of Finland will help you avoid many unpleasant situations and receive only the pleasure of puteestviya! We wish you a pleasant stay and wonderful trips to Scandinavia now!     

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